Imagine Your Story 

To fulfill each mission, complete three (3) tasks listed.

    * must complete

Expand Your Genre:

   1)  Read a nonfiction book.

   2)  Read a fiction book.

   3)  Read a funny book.

   4)  Read a mystery book.

   5)  Checkout a Book Club book.*

Go Beyond Traditional Books:

   1)  Check out and read a magazine.

   2)  Post on the library Facebook page.*

   3)  Read a newspaper.

   4)  Read an ebook.

   5)  Listen to an audio book.

Change up your reading:

   1)  Read an advanced reader book.

   2)  Read a best seller.

   3)  Read a book made into a movie.

   4)  Read something unusual for you.

   5)  Check out a cook book and try a recipe.

Get to know the library:

   1)  Ask about our book clubs.

   2)  Ask about Friend of the Library.

   3)  Put a suggestion in the suggestion box.*

   4)  Request an item from another library.

   5)  Use the self checkout.

Add some color to your reading:

   1)  Read a red book.

   2)  Read a black book.

   3)  Read an orange book.

   4)  Read a green book.

   5)  Read a blue book.

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