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Children's Summer Reading 



The Children's Summer Reading program is for babies-Grade 5! We will run programs for 0-36 months, 3 years-Kindergarten, and grades 1st-5th.


The goal for our readers 0-36 months is to earn 600 minutes of reading! Do this by reading 15 minutes a day for the next 8 weeks and completing a few programs.

The goal for our readers 3-kindergarten years old is to earn 800 minutes of reading! Do this by reading 20 minutes a day for the next 8 weeks and completing a few programs.


The goal for readers 1st-5th grade is to earn 1000 minutes of reading! Do this by reading 25 minutes a day over the next 8 weeks and completing a few programs along the way!

Visit the library weekly for new events, crafts, STEM activities, and Estimation Jar challenges.

Don't forget the PRIZES! We have coupons for Alice's Dairy Bar, Ohio State Parks, Texas Roadhouse, as well as weekly prizes! Fill out your reading logs, enter drawings for chances to win weekly prizes, and attend programs.


Reading Rules

Read an AWESOME book!

Read whatever you like!

Read with your family!

Put down books you don't like...

Paper copy Reading Logs will be available starting Monday, June 6th! 

*Use the paper copy to keep track of time read and missions/events completed.

*If you are using a paper copy please show librarians your progress when you come in for weekly prizes. 

*We will replace paper copies if you need a new one! No worries :)

Families can also sign-up using! ALL Summer Reading Events and Missions are on this FREE app. Also available on desktops and Chromebooks

*Log minutes read and work through missions provided. 

*Computer program (should) notify you when you have earned prizes. 


The Summer Reading Program is made possible through donations from Osgood State Bank, Modern Mother's, Alice's Dairy Bar, Friends of the Library, and Worch Memorial Library Funds. 

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