Library Click List

Sign up at the library or fill out the sign up below.
You will receive a notification that we have your account set up along with your login to your email.
How to Video
  1. First sign up for our click list program by either coming into the library to sign up at the front desk or by using the sign up form above.

  2. Once signed up you will receive notification that you are signed up and ready to go either in person at the library, by phone, or by email pending preference which will give you your login information.

  3. Now that your account is set up you will now be able to start your click list by filling out the Library Click List form below with your Name, Phone or Email, and then a Pick up time/date.  Once those are filled in click the Start Click List button.

  4. The screen will change and there will be a "click here to continue" link in the middle of the screen, click on this.

  5. The previous link will take you to our catalog where you will login using the information provided from step 2.  (You can check the box "stay logged in" if you do not want to have to type it next time)

  6. Once you are logged in you will then click on "Advanced Search" at the top of the page.  On the search page before you start searching for you items make sure to check the box at the bottom that says "limit to available" and then we suggest choosing a format for what you are looking for then doing your search.

  7. Last step is when you used the search and found the item you wanted you will then hover over the words "Add To List" on the right side and choose "Click List".  After clicking that you are free to search for more or if finished you can close your browser.

For those that do not feel like reading the instructions, we got you covered.  Watch this how to video showing you step by step on how to use start using the click list.

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