Worch Hidden  Rock Treasure Hunt

 Don't forget to post where you find the rock on our facebook with   a #WorchLibraryRocks at the end of the post!!!

The premise is simple: Gather a few supplies (flat, paintable rocks, acrylic paint, sealer, paint brushes), decorate your rock — getting as creative as you like — and seal it.  Write #WorchLibraryRocks on the bottom of the rock to tell the finder which Facebook group to post a photo to once it's found. Then hide the rock for someone to find and if you find one you will make a post to the library facebook saying where you found it and at the end of the post make sure to put a #WorchLibraryRocks and then you can hide the rock in a different location. You can also post a photo of the rock on the page after it's hidden, giving clues as to location. Popular hiding spots include waterfront parks, playgrounds and family-friendly hiking trails. 

Painted themes and messages are creative and wide-ranging: A small sample of recent photos posted to Kitsap Rocks include Willy Wonka chocolate bars, a toilet-shaped rock with a poop emoji, Dr. Seuss rocks and stones with inspirational messages such as “believe in kindness." And there is no minimum or maximum age: Toddlers, teens, moms, dads and even grandparents are enjoying painting, hiding, and hunting together. 

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