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Leaning on air / Cheryl Grey Bostrom
Sugar birds / Cheryl Grey Bostrom
Nice work, Nora November / Julia London
Summer romance / Annabel Monaghan
The Christmas boutique / Jennifer Chiaverini
Summer on Sag Harbor / Sunny Hostin
Mistakes we never made / Hannah Brown
That night in the library / Eva Jurczyk
Enlightenment / Sarah Perry
Five broken blades / Mai Corland


Large Print

Eruption / Michael Crichton
Camino ghosts / John Grisham
Wild heart's haven / Lacy Williams
A run at love / Toni Shiloh
Her adventures in temptation / Megan Frampton

NonFiction/Adult Audio /Biography

Night flyer / Tiya Miles
Southern Living 2023 annual recipes
Cottage cross-stitch / Gail Bussi
The brain that changes itself / Norman Doidge
Love, Mom / Nicole Saphier, MD
Cheaper, faster, better / Tom Steyer
For love of country / Tulsi Gabbard
Pax / Tom Holland
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