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Consortium of Ohio Libraries (COOL)

COOL is comprised of independent libraries that are striving to provide high-quality library services while being more efficient and prudent with diminishing public resources.  Currently we have about a dozen Ohio public libraries in the consortium cooperating to share materials for your benefit.  If you have a library card at any one of these libraries you can use it at any of the other libraries listed. Additionally, you can place holds on materials from any of the libraries in the group, and have them sent to your home library for checkout.



Worch Offers a few different options for looking up genealogy information.  We have genealogy books as well as the following options.



The library also has an account usuable by patrons who do not have their own.  (have to be at the library to use this)


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Digitized Microfilm


Everything we have for the microfilm we also have digitized for  your convience.  It is on a computer in the geneology room in which you can zoom in when trying to read.


Currently have 1883-1884, 1890-2017.




Here at Worch we have the years of 1890 through to current newspapers of the Versailles Policy to view in microfilm. 


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