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the "How To" Page

Step by step instructions on how to use various technologies at the library.

COOL Library Phone App

Step 1:  Go to the App Store (either the App Store or Google Play pending on your phone type).


Step 2:  Click on Search at the top and type in "Cool Library" then press the search icon (magnifying glass next to your text).


Step 3:  Next it will come up to the App description screen and have an install button , click on install to add the app to your phone.

Step 4:  Once installed the app will show up in your apps with the Cool Cat Icon.  Click the icon to open the app. Once opened you will see the the app options.

Step 5:  The first time you open the app you will have to click on the "my Account" to connect the app to the library.  When you click on it then you will have to choose a home library (choose Worch Memorial Public Library) and then enter your barcode (which is the barcode on the back of your library card) along with Pin # (which by default is the last four numbers of your phone number, call if you want to double check or reset it.).  Once you get those entered and press ok it will link your account to the app allowing the following clicks onto the "My Account" it will let you renew your items out.

How to log into your e-book

Step 1:  Hover your mouse cursor over the "Book Menu" button in the menu bar which will show a drop down of options.  Then click on E-Books.


Step 2:  A new window will open of the Ohio Digital LIbrary, in the top right corner of this page is the sign in option, click this.


Step 3:  In this next screen you will need to choose which library you are from in the the drop down list (Worch Memorial Public Library).


Step 4:  After you choose your library hit next which will bring up the login entry form.  Here you will type in the library card number (the one under the bar code of your library card) and then your pin which is your password (if you did not set a password it will be the last 4 digits of your phone number by default). Now click sign in and your logged in.

*** if when logging in you get an account blocked message, your account is probably just expired or you have fines over $5.  You can contact us to update it for you by phone, email, our contact us form, facebook, or in person. (in person to pay fines) ***

How to check out an e-book

Step 1:  Once you are signed in you can look for any book by scrolling down to the ones below or you can use the search field to find a specific one.  When you decide which one you want just hover your mouse over that book and choose the borrow option.


Step 2:  A new page will show the download option, click on this and choose the option in which your device is (kindle/pdf/etc or you can choose brower if you like and want to read it over the internet)


The page which you downloaded the book is also the same one in which you will return your book when you are finished with it.  There is a return book button under the download button.

Josh McAllister created a very intuitive guide for Windows 10 with step by step processes.  Click the link below to go to his webpage of his 15 chapter guide.

Windows 10
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